Dr Parvis – My Invisalign journey

I have been treating patients at the practicing with invisalign and traditional fixed meat braces for many years  and recently decided to treat my own teeth with invisalign. I thought I might as well share my journey as it given me a patient perspective of the treatment.

Here are my teeth before treatment – They aren’t too bad but In have noticed that my lower front teeth have gradually become more and more crowded and I also plan to replace  my crown on my lateral incisor at the end of my treatment.


I then had a scan with the 3Shape scanner we have – here is a video of it in action

The pink objects on the animation are  in fact white in colour in the mouth and are called attachments which the Clinicheck software designs  - this enhances the movement of the teeth.

The  Clinicheck shows I will need 16 initial aligners . I am now on first aligner , and whilst it did feel strange for the first couple of days I have grown used -it’s not uncomfortable.

I will post  more pictures of my progress as I move through the aligners